Where to start exercising

As the new year starts, many people are going to the gym to lose weight. I believe that creating a regimen of exercising is a great goal for the new year, but I don’t think that people will lose weight by just exercising. A completed weight lost regimen needs to include a strict diet regimen and an exercise regimen. The success in losing weight only comes after you have committed yourself to both regimens. If you only focus in exercising but continues eating all these good desserts, there is no way that you will lose any weight. In fact let me give an example, you can lose 410 calories in a 30 minutes jumping rope not stop exercise. A normal donuts has about 400 calories, so if you are eating two to three times a day sweet desserts, then even by doing 30 minutes every day high level exercise you still won’t lose any weight.

If you decided to only start an exercising regimen for everyday and avoid the diet part, you are still getting huge benefits. Exercising every day improved your cardiovascular system, which reduce your risk for heart disease. The American Medical Association recommend at least a 150 minutes of high level exercises per week. The best way to keep track on how your cardiovascular system is working is by keeping track of your resting heart rate. In normal people, a low heart rate indicates that the heart has become strong enough to bump blood easily, so it reduces the number of beat per minute. Before that you start any exercising regimen the first thing you need to do is to check with your Doctor. Ask for your routine yearly check up and then start your exercising regimen. Consult with your Doctor on what he recommends for you as every person has different goals.

In my opinion thinking in going to gyms to start an exercising regimen is not a good idea. The gyms are usually places that people enrolled with another person. Couples usually do this because they think that this will encourage them to follow the regimen plan. This might looks good at the beginning, but let’s not forget that in our modern lives, not always things happens as we plan them. Many people had found problems with this type of gym arrangements. It is common for example; that the other person wanted to watch a movie, or that the other person came home feeling tired after a long day at work or even that the other person don’t want to go the gym today. Depending on another person to go the gym could limit your exercising goals. Also I noticed from my own experiences that when I joined the gym I didn’t often go for silly reasons as for example; I hate to take showers over there or that some people were not very friendly. What I recommend at the beginning of your exercising program is to buy an exercising home machine. There many options that you can buy, bow flex machines, Peloton machines, elliptical machines, treadmills, etc. In this case there is no need to wait for another person, it is only up to you when to start exercising. From my own experience I love to do work outs in the comfort of my home, there is privacy and time flexibility.

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